2-3 Hours Services

$ 120.00

4-6 Hours Services

$ 240.00

7-8 Hours Services

$ 400.00

9-12 Hours Services

$ 800.00

Rates can be varied depending on how many people and the type of event you are hosting.
Can we get the alcohol for you?
Yes w,e can we just charge an extra $50 fee for alcohol delivery plus a deposit of how much would the whole price will be for the alcohol. We will send you a picture or give you a copy of the receipt to make sure everything was the price we agreed on. If you have more questions feel free to message me on my personal phone.


Reserving a table or an area at a bar can be a great idea if you want to ensure you have a spot, especially during busy hours or for special occasions.

Telephone Reservations
(951) 569-7495​